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Uckers is a derived from the Indian Game Pachisi.

Pachisi (also spelt Parcheesi; also known as Twenty-Five) is the National Game of India. The name comes from the Indian word "pacis", which means twenty five.

The Mughal Emperor Akbar I was reputed to have played Pachisi in a marble court with women from his harem taking the place of counters (and I have been trying to re-enact this historic event with a version of Uckers - all women interested in becoming part of a human mixi-Blob - purely for posterity reasons of course - apply through the Contact page ;-)

In 1896, a westernised and much simplified version of Pachisi was published in England under the name Ludo (Latin for "I play").

The first known published reference* to the Uckers game, was in Cdr John Irving's 1946 dictionary of Naval terms and slang, Royal Navalese

The origin of the game's title is unknown, although probably derived from old English, for the process of "ucking" a piece off the board (or sending it back to its starting point).

Uckers is still played below decks on ships of Her Majesty's Royal Navy today and amoungst land-loving enthusiasts of the game.


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