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How To Play

Uckers is board game played on a standard Ludo board. The only differences are:

  • Uckers is played with different rules - view here.
  • Uckers is played with two dice (as opposed to 1 for Ludo).
  • Uckers is played with stackable counters. Traditionally these were painted shell casings or painted metal nuts.

Uckers is a two or four player game. If two people are playing, each player controls two opposite colours (Red and Green or Blue and Yellow). If four people are playing, then two teams of two are formed and the team members play opposite each other.

Advanced rules differ from mess to mess, although the Basic rules remain the same.

To start, the four counters of each colour, are placed in their respective Base coloured squares.

The object of the game is to release all the counters a player controls from their Base and take them in a clockwise path around the board, up the Pipe (AKA Chute) and Home.

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